Album Review of Joji’s In Tongues

Written by Billy Jahnke, Staff Writer

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On November 2nd, musician Joji, who usually produces lo-fi music – a more relaxing type of music that typically uses sounds found in a city or in nature like bells, glass tapping, and bird noises along with regular instruments – released his first album titled In Tongues.  

Joji, or George Miller, is the man behind FilthyFrank and Pink Guy whose album, Pink Season reached top of the iTunes charts upon release.  Recently, however, George has stated that he wants to focus on making music as Joji as opposed to Pink Guy and leave the other character behind.

His music is a relaxing style with softer instruments and beats, but occasionally, he will change his style to a more upbeat or acoustic sound as he will sometimes uses a ukulele instead of piano.  His songs are taken from life experiences, which I believe makes it better when listening.  

If I had to name a favorite track, I wouldn’t be able to.  Each time Joji releases a song, it’s better than the last, and his ability to make music just keeps improving.  

Joji’s music career is only starting, and if he can already make iTunes-topping albums as a character in a Pink Morph suit, then I have no doubt that one day Joji will rise to the top on his own.

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