Highlights of Super Bowl 52

Written by Ben Bauer, Sports Editor and Student Journalist

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The Super Bowl is one of America’s most watched sporting events. To many people the Super Bowl is considered more than a game, it is considered a major holiday. The National Football League’s 52nd Super Bowl was held in Minneapolis this past Sunday, February 4th. The Philadelphia Eagles – looking for their first ever Super Bowl win – were set to play against a team – the New England Patriots – with a legendary battle tested legacy. The stage was set, but how did it unfold?

The Eagles came into the game as underdogs, but many believed that they were built for success. With a dominant defensive line and a plethora of options on offense, they were expected to be a handful. The Eagles got possession first and marched all over the Patriots’ defense and scored a field goal, ultimately setting the tone for the rest of the game. The Patriots responded with their big gains to wide receivers Chris Hogan and Brandin Cooks. With both offenses rolling, the first half ended with the score of 22-12 with the Eagles on the lead.

The Super Bowl is such a big event that people are excited to watch regardless of their football affiliations. Between high value comedic commercials and star studded halftime shows, everyone can be entertained. This year’s standouts include the Tide commercials and Justin Timberlake’s halftime show.

The second half started with the Patriots getting the ball. All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski was quiet in the first half but caught several passes including a touchdown grab on the opening drive of the second half to bring the Patriots within three of the lead. Though big play after big play proved that the Eagles’ offense continued to move the chains. Key runs from running backs Jay Ajayi and Legarrette Blount all proved critical. The game went swing after swing with the Eagles winning 38-33 with just over two minutes left.

With a timeout and two-minute warning, most people were expecting quarterback Tom Brady to manufacture another legendary comeback drive. In the first play, Brady drops back and hits tight end Rob Gronkowski for 10 yards. Everything seemed to be going as planned, but on a drop back Brady was strip sacked, and the Eagles recovered possession of the ball. The Patriots were left with mere seconds on the clock and were unable to create a miracle. The game was over with the Eagles winning with the final score of 41-33.

Philadelphia fans can rejoice: they have won their first Super Bowl. Meanwhile, New England fans are left speechless in a game where Brady threw over 400 yards, no picks, and the team failed to punt.

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