A review of prom 2019


Photographer: Gabby Bach

Guests and attendees dancing in the main hall of the Museum of Science and Industry, where prom took place.

Written by Gabby Bach, A&E Writer

Lockport’s annual Prom took place on April 13, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  

In order to enter the dance, students had to go through a minor security checkpoint where bags, ID’s, and tickets were checked by LTHS staff.

Upon entering the dance, students were allowed access to exhibits on the main floor, such as Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze, Science Storms, and more. Many students took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures within the water mist tornado at the Science Storm exhibit.

Students mingled on the dance floor or sat at one of the many tables set up near and around the exhibits. The menu for prom included a wide variety of items such as pasta, pizza, hot dogs, and salad. Everything was distributed throughout the exhibits and organized based on the way it was presented on the menu and served buffet-style. The “Pasta Pasta” section of the menu was served separately from the “Taste of Chicago” portion of the menu. Particularly, many teens expressed their enjoyment of the Blue Raspberry Lemonade offered as a beverage and the ice cream scoops from the parlor as part of Yesterday’s Main Street’s exhibit.

Prom King and Queen voting also took place at the dance. While nominations were done on Haiku ahead of time, the top four nominees from each category were placed on a ballot that students could fill out on-site at the dance. Samantha Spratt won the title of Prom Queen, while Matt Mahalik took home the title of Prom King.