A review of the homecoming variety show


Photographer: Annie Coniglio

The cast and crew waving goodbye at the end of The Variety Show.

Written by Emily Thompson and Annie Coniglio

On September 19th, the Homecoming Variety Show was held in the East Auditorium. The Variety Show was presented by the Porter Players Drama Club and hosted by the Shower Cap Kids. There was a total of 22 participants. Students auditioned in the first few weeks of school and had one rehearsal with Mr. Frykholm, the director, to find out the types of lighting they wanted to use during their performance. Mr. Deane, the co-producer, worked with The Shower Cap Kids “to prepare the introductions and comedy portion of the night.”

According to Ms. Musich, the co-producer, one of her favorite parts during the show is “seeing how happy students are when sharing their art, talents, and passions.” 

Student, Olivia Minogue, performed “Who’s Loving You” by Jackson 5. She described her pre-performance ritual as “wandering around aimlessly singing the song to myself about 20 times until I’m a little less nervous.”

Though there are many things that stood out about the show, Minogue’s  favorite part is “watching some of my best friends as the emcees, making the crowd laugh.”

Michael O’Callaghan, who is a part of Lockport’s improv and sketch comedy team, The Shower Cap Kids (SCK), was an emcee alongside six other students. He states that as hosts “we performed short little comedic scenes or solo stand-up comedy” before the introduction of each act. 

Prior to taking the stage O’Callaghan explains how “the SCK hypes themselves up with some warm-ups as well as doing some of their own secret traditions. They make sure to keep the energy up before, during, and after every performance.” Overall, O’Callaghan’s favorite part of the night is “when SCK jumped out at the beginning and we did a big opening monologue and when I had my first solo stand-up moment.”

For next year’s Variety Show, Dr. Gilbert, theater director, suggests that “people trying out should consider the uniqueness of their act; it is not limited to dancers and singers.”

Ms. Musich also recommends for students to “go for it!” She adds, “The show simply would not go on without you. Come out and join the show!”

Photographer: Annie Coniglio
Aidan Callahan introducing a performer
Photographer: Annie Coniglio
The Pedestrians performing their original song, “Beautiful Gulag”
Photographer: Annie Coniglio
Michael O’Callaghan, one of the emcees, introducing the next act
Photographer: Annie Coniglio
Aidan and Devan Callahan switching roles
Photographer: Annie Coniglio
Olivia Minogue singing “Who’s Loving You” by Jackson 5

Variety Show Performers:

    • Ryan Adolf & Kyle Langellier
      • Performing “Man or a Muppet” by Bret McKenzie
    • Caitlyn Grabenhofer
      • Performing “Riptide” by Vance Joy
    • Emily Baio
      • Interpreting “Someone Like You” by Adele
    • Alette Eide & Julia Smolinski
      • Performing “Solo de Concours” by Andre Messager
    • Mary Ruff
      • Performing “Roxie” from Chicago
    • Madison Gontarz
      • Dancing to “Youngblood” by 5 Seconds of Summer
    • Vincent Brannigan
      • Performing a compilation of “Big Sur Moon” and “Soothslayer” by Buckethead
    • Tammer Ali & David Ali
      • Performing “Everlong” by Foo Fighters
    • The  Visible Difference
    • Group includes: Levi Bergbower, James Pierce, and Eddie Riley
      • Performing an original song
    • Natalia Krawczyk & Olivia Minorini
      • Performing “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith
    • Bass Odyssey
    • Group includes: Vincent Brannigan, Nicholas Formella, Anexandra Juruski, Joey Micheletto, Dennis Papafotopoulos, and Josh Zydch
      • Performing “El Dorado” by TSFH
    • Nathan Bauer
      • Dancing to a compilation piece
    • Aaron Vales 
      • Performing “You are the Reason” by Calum Scott
    • Josie Brown
      • Performing “Liar”- an original song
    • Micah Travis
      • Dancing to “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares” by XXXTentacion
    • The Pedestrians
    • Group includes: Grant Brannigan, Vince Brannigan, Kyle Langellier, and James Szymanek
      • Performing “Beautiful Gulag” – an original song
    • Pamela Hernandez
      • Performing “Someone you Loved” by Lewis Capaldi
    • Josh Boyd
      • Dancing to “Boy in the Bubble” by Luis Armstrong
    • Olivia Minogue
      • Performing “Who’s Loving You” by Jackson 5
    • Kassidy Prebstle
      • Dancing to “Boombayah” by Blackpink
    • Kenny Kriha and Ben Turner
      • Performing “Lalala” by bbno$


  • The Shower Cap Kids Emcees:
    Aidan Callahan, Morgan Dapkus, Mike O’Callaghan, Katie Oldaker, Jelian Paradela, and James Pierce