Jesse White Tumblers Perform at LTHS


Written by Samantha Bradley , Features Editor

On Thursday, February 23rd, the Jesse White Tumblers performed in the East campus gym to celebrate black history month. The team promotes doing well in school and staying away from drugs, alcohol, and gangs. It was started to provide a positive environment for urban kids. This show was a special way to celebrate Black History Month, with an amazing show by an amazing organization. The stands were packed with students and staff. The tumblers performed various tricks; they started off on floor mats, doing flips over each other and on the ground. They brought out a trampoline and jumped over multiple people and performed many cool tricks in the air. The show had a fun environment with upbeat music playing and the performers starting many claps by revving the crowd up. One of LTHS’ own sophomores was on the team, who both Principal Greenan and Green recognized at the beginning of the show. The performers brought Principal Greenan out mid-show to participate in their formation (see picture) and handpicked students from the crowd to participate as well. The show ended with a performance from our Step Team. All in all it was an amazing show that everyone enjoyed!