Stress from final exams

Written by Taelor Mutz, Staff Writer

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The preparation to get a good grade on semester finals has students feeling the pressure and stress. What a stressful time of the year.

Preparation for semester finals really determine your grade. If you study and understand it, then you should perform well on your semester final exams. Victoria Hennesey says, “All you can do is study the best you can and hope for the best, but you shouldn’t worry too much as long as you tried the hardest you could, and that’s about it.”

The students that try are the ones that will succeed. There are different methods to studying. Different methods work for different people. Student Morgan LeFevers says, “I study for every class by writing and reviewing my notes over and over until I can say I am comfortable with that skill.”

Some students use background music or sound. Olivia Arias claims, “I have been studying without any distractions like music, Netflix, and social media. I feel it helps me concentrate more.”

Most students study because they are determined to get a good grade. Olivia is stressing that the finals make up 20% of her grade. To Olivia grades are everything. She feels the pressure of doing well on her final exams. “I am dreading my biology exam the most because there is so much to memorize,” says Olivia.

Different finals are at different levels for different people. Some students think that math is going to be more challenging than their biology final exam. Victoria Hennesey thinks that her AP physics class will be the hardest.

Everyone has his or her own way of studying and coping with stress. One thing that everyone has in common is semester finals. It is something we can’t ignore. Just think at the end of all that studying and after the finals is winter break. We can all relax and wait for the second semester finals.

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