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Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight is Lockport’s way of bringing recognition to staff members who stand out to students, and who truly make a difference! Shining a light on these staff members helps take their acts of kindness and pay it forward by sharing with the community. Our first staff spotlight for the year:

Lockport’s Latest Staff Spotlight!

Jason Frieri 

by: McKenna Orrico

  1. What is your new position, and what does this opportunity mean for you personally and professionally?

My new position is Dean of students (Boc-Gio). Mr. Starkey is nice enough to share his office with me!  This first semester I am focusing on attendance specifically, and next semester I will take on my student caseload.  Personally and professionally, this opportunity is extremely fascinating and one that I am excited for.  There are several aspects to this role to ensure there is never a dull moment.  Stepping out of my comfort zone will promote my growth and help in many facets to better serve all students.

     2. What are some aspects of teaching you will miss?

 I loved the classroom, but the best part of my job will always be the students.  I prided myself on having a personable approach and to let students know that I cared about them.  I miss being a part of the NHS and the AP board. 

    3. What has been the biggest adjustment you’ve had to make as a new Dean?

The schedule!  I’m not on teacher time any more and each day has the opportunity to present chaos.  

    4. Why did you decide to go into education?

I wanted to make a difference and be a positive role model for our youth.  I’ve had phenomenal teachers that have led me to this path and I’m grateful for the ones who supported me along the way.  

    5. Do you feel that being a Dean will give you the same opportunities to create connections with students? 

Yes, I am still able to form positive relationships with our students that stop by.  I am still visible walking around school so say hi to me.  It’s always fun for me to catch up with former students and see how much growth has occurred in their life in such a short time.

  6. What is some advice you would give the class of 2024 as they are finishing their high school experience and moving on to higher education, workforce development, military, etc.?


Hard work truly does pay off.  I was not the best student, some may even say lazy.  But again, I had amazing teachers who held me accountable and forced me to reach for more than what I thought I was capable of.

  7. What is one movie/book you think everyone should watch/read?

Only one?!?! Unbroken.

   8. What is your favorite Lockport football matchup for this season?


All of ‘em! The football season flies by and I believe it is important to enjoy each one.  The school spirit and pride we have here is contagious.  We have amazing students all around us.

   9. Why do you love being a Porter?

A Porter is a winner!  We win through our hard work, the daily grind, our academics, athletics, extracurriculars, accomplishments.  We win at the game of life, our students leave this place very well adjusted for their next chapter in life.