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The picture above features a display of various works of Calligraphy Ms. Martin has created.

Club Spotlight: Calligraphy Club

Written by Samantha Bradley, Features editor October 26, 2022

Meet the art of beautiful handwriting! LTHS is proud to introduce the Calligraphy club sponsored by Ms. Martin. The club meets every Wednesday in room 43, and they are looking for new members to join them....

The picture Mr. Conway took while touring the attic above the auditorium. See anything strange?

The Haunting of Central Campus

Written by Estelle Brownlee, News Editor October 25, 2022

The Lockport Central Campus has been around since 1909. It is an old building with a victorian-like structure, creaky doors, winding hallways and lots of mysteries locked inside. With Halloween just around...

Homecoming at its Finest

Homecoming at its Finest

Written by Ava Lamb, News Editor October 11, 2022

Homecoming week, themed as a night under the stars, was a wonderful experience filled with many fun activities.  With each day of the week featuring their own fun, let’s take a look at the abundance...

Choir in the Fall

Choir in the Fall

Written by Genesis Arredondo, News Editor October 11, 2022

Do you like listening to music? In the car, in school, with friends, or even by yourself? Then you would love to see a choir performance! Lockport’s fall choir concert is slowly creeping up and will...