How our views have changed

Reflecting after women's march

Written by Stephanie Guzman, Editor-in-Chief

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From a first lady who promoted body positivity and staying healthy to one who is known for plastic surgery and enhancements, there’s been a dynamic shift for women and girls in America.

Women’s march broke out across the nation and was overwhelming with response. Women, men, and children of equality marched for a plethora of reasons but all due for the equality of women. In a country where our secretary of education believes that guns in school establishments are needed for the dire threat of grizzly bears, it is about time we reevaluated our situation.

Obviously we have to deal the hand we’re dealt, but let’s not forget what’s best for us as a country. Reverting back to the 1950’s lifestyle is not progression in society. People hear the word feminists and believe that they are man-hating extremists, but in reality, we’re simply just fighting for the unjust actions all around us.

Many claim the myth feminism and claim it to be an excuse to target men and why we don’t get our way. We need to come together and refocus on better education and the facts, and less on the “alternative truths.”

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How our views have changed