Can we have class outside?

Written by Taelor Mutz, Staff Writer

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Spring is finally here! The weather is becoming a little warmer each day. Being stuck in a classroom all winter makes students feel gloomy. Since our winter season seems to last forever, why can’t we go outside when the weather is finally nice?

Having class outside can have many benefits for students and teachers. Classes outside can result in students being more engaged in what they are doing or learning. Students will be more active in a school day than they normally are just walking from class to class inside the school building. According to, it is proven that classes outside result in students having more motivation, better grades, and a decrease in stress levels.

It seems that most teachers who take advantage of nice weather are the P.E. teachers. Some students look forward to P.E. class just so they don’t have to sit in one place during a given class period. Some teachers may not realize that going outside for class doesn’t mean dropping their lesson plans. Teachers can have students participate in some activities that involve the outdoors. We should be able to enjoy our time in school and not be cooped up inside a classroom all the time.

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Can we have class outside?