The delightful melodies of LTHS choirs

Written by Deviyon Fitts, Student Writer

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Everyone sings. Whether it’s alone in the shower, with friends, while in the car, or lightly to themselves using headphones. Everyone sings. However, some people take singing to the next level. Choir is an organized group of singers that sing together. There are multiple choir groups at Lockport Township High School.

The choir groups in LTHS include Freshman, Concert, Mixed, Bel Canto, and A Cappella. There are also extra curricular choir classes that consist of Grace Notes, Men’s Ensemble, Trouveres, and Madrigal Choir.

With only about two months to prepare for their next concert, choir meets multiple days of each week. The group participates in four main concerts throughout the school year: Fall, Holiday, Spring, and the Big Show. Concerts occur in the East choir room.

LTHS choir sings multiple types of music from different time periods. Choir combines today’s culture of music with music written in the 17th Century, and they also sing music from around the world. “Choir Students have sung music from Africa, South Africa, Western Europe, and the United States,” says choir conductor Mr. Nathaniel Hendrix. Mr. Hendrix and Chad Goetz are two choir conductors at LTHS.

Nervousness is a fear that not only choir groups but all performers have to conquer in order to play their best. Singing to oneself and singing in front of a huge crowd of people can make a huge difference. Mr. Hendrix says, “Everyone gets nervous during a performance.” When asked if anyone ever gets nervous before a show, he then continues to say, “If you sing in choir you learn how to channel that nervous energy towards a more exciting and exhilarating concert.”

Not only do students get nervous but conductors do as well. Mr. Hendrix says that when he gets nervous “I find that my mind is going all over the place, but once I’m on stage I suddenly get in the zone and I regain my focus.” Mr. Hendrix, like most people, sometimes just needs to settle down in order to perform better.

LTHS choir has their own school spirit wear like hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings, and sweatpants. Any student can join choir if they enjoy singing, and they can have their own spirit wear too. All students have to do is audition for Mr. Hendrix and Mr. Goetz, and they will place you in the choir that best fits you.

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The delightful melodies of LTHS choirs