Why gun control shouldn’t happen

Written by Zayne Giertuga, Staff Writer

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With the recent Las Vegas shooting, the New York terrorist attack, and the more recent Texas church massacre, gun control has been a highly controversial issue in which both Republicans and Democrats have different viewpoints.

Gun control removes civilians’ ability to defend themselves. Not only do guns serve a purpose for self defense, but they are small and easy to handle. A person can easily fire a gun and shoot a couple of shots in about the same spot. Handguns can also be harder to see because of their color and shape. With civilians being armed, there will be less crime. If a city were to own guns, the city would also look less attractive to terrorists.

Gun control not only takes away civilians’ ability to defend themselves, but it can’t be enforced. In the Constitution, the second amendment states, “A well regulated Militia, [National guard and army] being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” If I were to simplify the last part it would be “American civilians have the right to own weapons. This right shall not be violated.”

I agree that people with mental disorders shouldn’t own guns, as they would be dangerous to people around them. Criminals with multiple offenses shouldn’t be able to own a gun either, but if a person is mentally sound and has a clean record, he or she should be able to own a gun. Sure, the government can put people on a watch list if the person were to own a machine gun, but most people own a handgun for self defense and rifles for hunting. So unless the second amendment were to be removed, gun control can not be enforced.

Gun control also means less people would be able to hunt because some wouldn’t want to go through the trouble, or laws would be much stricter to actually acquire a hunting rifle or shotgun. Not only does hunting keep the population of animals in check and is a source of food for some people, but it is an adrenaline pumping experience.

Even though I am pro guns, I can see why some people think it is safer to ratify gun control. Less shootings and less robberies would happen, but it is much better to prevent crimes by arming responsible and mentally sound civilians using strict background checks and psychological tests. This is better than getting rid of guns altogether because guns offer protection and provide a way to get food. Even though guns can and do lead to violence, it is up to the American people to defend themselves from danger.

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