Seniors have the opportunity to graduate early at LTHS

Written by Imani Tapley, Student Writer

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As first semester comes to an end, students are ready for winter break and starting new classes when they return; however, a number of seniors are done and getting ready to move on in life, whether it is in the workforce or going to college.

Guidance counselor Ms. Kathy Fields speaks on the process of graduating early. She says, “By the middle of a student’s junior year, they are able to decide if they would like to graduate early.”

Students make this decision and might need extra classes in summer school. Ms. Fields adds, “If a student has had a full schedule their freshman through junior year, they are already set to graduate early.”

For the past few years there has always been a mid-year graduation ceremony at Lockport Township High School. You might be asking yourself: When am I able to get on track to graduate early? When speaking to your counselor, he or she will help you to plan how you can get your classes and credits  aligned to graduate early.


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Seniors have the opportunity to graduate early at LTHS