Students rush to organize basketball teams before Intramurals Round Robin Tournament

Written by Deviyon Fitts, Student Writer

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LTHS is holding intramurals, a basketball tournament, available to all students that are not currently active on the LTHS basketball team. The tournament accepts 8 teams of players that students organized on their own while limiting them to 10  players. Any teams with less than 10 players or over 10 players will not be accepted. All grade levels can participate in the tournament unless they are currently on the LTHS basketball team.

All players must have $40 to play and have permission slips signed by a parent or guardian. The tournament officially begins in January 17th and ends February 14th, but the rush for teams to get a spot in the tournament has started and unfortunately ended.

Students rushed to find their teams as soon as announcements were made about the tournament. This was definitely the case as the spots for intramural sports certainly filled up quickly this year. All roster and waiver forms along with fees were due on December 8th. On December 5th all 8 team spots were already filled. It only took one week and a couple days for 8 teams to join the tournament.

For any student who would like to join in on the fun next year, they should try to prepare themselves and their teammates. Students should have their team put together, and all the money ready before announcements are even made about the tournament in December. Students should also attempt to get roster and waiver forms to fill out as soon as possible, which is the day announcements are made. In addition to this, students should set up a captain, a person who will be delegating the organization of their team’s money and roster/waiver forms.

Even though intramurals isn’t accepting any more teams this year, students can still be a part of the games in another way. LTHS students can come watch and support their favorite team in the tournament for a small fee with their student ID.


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