Once in a blue moon sight: super blue moon visible this Wednesday

Photo Credit: www.en.netralnews.com

Photo Credit: www.en.netralnews.com

Written by Zayne Giertuga, Staff Writer

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A blue moon, lunar eclipse, and super moon will occur in the sky on Wednesday, January 31st. Excluding the supermoon, the last time this event happened was on March of 1866.

A blue moon occurs every 2.5 years, which is the second blue moon in a single calendar month. The first full moon happened on January 1st.

The moon will also become a super moon, which is when the moon is closest to Earth in its revolution. Because of this, the moon appears to be much larger than normal.

The moon will also be a part of a lunar eclipse, which happens when Earth’s shadow covers the moon. This will give it a reddish hue, causing some to call it a “super blue moon eclipse”. The total eclipse will be best seen in the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii. It will be partial in the east coast beginning at 5:51 eastern standard time and visible for 77 minutes.

Keep your eyes on your calendars for January 31 for the super blue moon coming over the skies.  

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Once in a blue moon sight: super blue moon visible this Wednesday