Varsity girls basketball regular season comes to a close; post-season continues on

Girls 2017-2018 Varsity Basketball

Photo Credit: LTHS

Girls 2017-2018 Varsity Basketball

Written by Kirsten Adamski, Staff Writer

The LTHS girls varsity basketball team had an exciting regular season with a record of 13-13. As they continue on to their post-season, their record became 16-13 with three wins in the playoffs. One of these wins even included their first regional win in 11 years.

Head Coach Mr. Dan Kelly shares that the key to being a successful basketball player is to “work hard to develop individual skills” but to also possess the “willingness to be a team player.”

The varsity team includes 4 experienced and talented seniors –  Destiny Davis, Megan James, Taylor Shingler, and Taylor Hopkins – who will be leaving LTHS basketball after graduation. Coach Kelly says that while he is sad to lose them, these young women have changed the team for the better, and their exceptional skills have improved the team as a whole.

Coach Kelly also adds that other than the senior athletes, his top players include Treasure Thompson, Payton Grcevic, Finley Travis, Cailey Schlink, and Jacqueline Maka.