Twenty-three people dead due to two devastating tornadoes

Written by Annie Coniglio, World News Writer

Twenty-three people died on Sunday, March 3rd, due to a number of tornadoes ripping through the state of Alabama and Georgia. Out of the 23 people, children were also killed during this natural disaster. The majority of the deaths occurred 5 to 6 miles south of Opelika, Alabama.

Lee County Sheriff, Jay Jones, reported 14 deaths to have taken place. Later that Sunday night, Jones updated the death toll to 23 victims. Several people were also critically injured and transported to East Alabama Medical Center.

CNN Meteorologist, Gene Norman, explained that two tornadoes hit Lee County, Alabama within one hour. The National Weather Service told CNN that a dozen other tornadoes touched down in Alabama and Georgia. In Talbotton, Georgia, many houses, at least 15 buildings, and one apartment complex were demolished.  

Authorities worked diligently with the minimum amount of power providing light they had. Rescue workers prioritized who was in the most critical danger to help them first and get them to the hospital. Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, administered to extend the state of emergency that was declared last month because of severe weather.

People are working to open a shelter for residents who have lost their homes and are displaced.