The power of indie artists

Written by Gabby Bach, A & E Writer

I had the opportunity to attend a concert at the Chop Shop on North Ave in Chicago on May 5th. The artists performing that night were Just Seconds Apart, Logan Henderson, and Jake Miller. I was able to entertain myself waiting outside the venue by counting the amount of times onlookers asked who the crowd was seeing and noting their confused expressions because they had never heard of any of those artists. Despite their relative anonymity, these artists have a power that no other in the mainstream could obtain– steadfast loyalty and humbleness. 

Just Seconds Apart is a band composed of three nineteen-year-old triplets: Ari, Sela, and Alex. They were the first artists to perform. I started listening to their music a few weeks before the concert, but I absolutely fell in love with their sound. 

Logan Henderson followed their set. Most notably, Logan is known for being one of the four members of Big Time Rush. In the time since the band dissolved, Logan has become an independent artist who has created his own unique sound that separates him from his boyband days. I’ve been listening to Logan since I was nine years old. I was ecstatic to hear his set, especially after getting the opportunity to meet him just a half an hour earlier. In the time that I met him, I was able to thank Logan for being such a large influence in my life. He was nothing but sweet and gracious. I know that I am not the only person that can attest to his kind heart on this tour. 

Jake Miller closed out the tour by performing a twenty-one song set comprised of both new and old songs. Miller started out as a rap artist in 2013-2014. Over the years, his sound has evolved to Pop, R&B, and EDM. Everyone was jumping along to the pulse of the music and truly having an electric time. Several times during the set Miller thanked the audience for coming out.