Girls Golf Senior Night and Review on the Season with a Twist


Seniors: Xenia, Fiona, Josie, Katie, Claire, and Krista | Photo Credit: Mrs. Tomchuck

Written by Emily Thompson, Features Editor

As people are trying to cope with the new changes due to Covid-19, the LTHS girl’s golf team was one of the sports that were lucky enough to have a somewhat normal season and senior night. There are six seniors on the team this year including: Claire Ancevicius, Krista Gikas, Xenia  Sinclair, Josie Brown, Katie Tomchuck, and Fiona Heeney. All of the girls expressed how even though they had to face a virus during their special night it did not make much of a difference except for the fact that they could not take any group pictures. Ancevicius explains this when she stated how “we had to social distance together instead of hugging while taking a picture”. A downfall was expressed when Tomchuck described how she “wished they could have celebrated afterward, but we had to maintain social distancing; therefore, we couldn’t hang out after”. As many may know, golfing is already a very distancing game, but even so, Heeney explained how the team did not have their full schedule of regular tournaments on Saturday mornings and they had to wear a mask while they played. Katie also commented on how “spectators weren’t allowed at away matches. At home matches, the number of spectators was limited”. But, with all of this chaos going on the girls tried to appreciate being able to get a chance to play their sport one final year. Over the years playing on the LTHS golf team, Krista and Fiona both explained how it is key to have a good mindset and to just relax going into the matches. Krista’s advice to younger players is to “really get to know your teammates” because she has “made great friends playing” on the LTHS golf team. Claire gives some advice to future LTHS golfers by expressing to just go and have fun with the sport. She states how she has seen athletes “fall out of love with the sport they once did love, so people need to have some fun in their sport, and that is caused by other athletes being supportive and loving teammates”.