Stephenie Meyer Finally Tells Us Something New: Midnight Sun Review

Written by Abigail Worker, A & E writer

To begin, Stephenie Meyer wrote her latest book; Midnight Sun, based on her series, The Twilight Saga. Midnight Sun is from Edward Cullen’s point of view, and if you are a Twi-hard then this is everything you have been waiting for. The book goes on to talk about Edwards’ struggle, and his love for Bella. Meyer tells us more how Edward has a magnetic pull towards Bella, the dangers he causes by being near her, and he describes Bella in greater detail. You learn more about the vampires, since the book is based on one of their kind. There are 150 more pages inMidnight Sun than any other Twilight book, and it is mainly about Edward’s personal history. Edward tells us about other vampire covens, new vampire lore, and cities he has visited.

Meyer finally released Edwards’ point of view after being announced over a decade ago. It was leaked online in 2008 that Meyer would release a book based on Edward Cullen’s point of view. Meyer never released the book until now because the first few chapters were leaked online. Meyer describes Edwards’ personality as more insecure than in previous books. Meyer writes, “Suddenly, as she ate, a strange comparison entered my head. For just a second I saw Persephone, pomegranate in hand. Dooming herself to the underworld. Is that who I was? Hades himself, coveting springtime, stealing it, condemning it to endless night. I tried unsuccessfully to shake the impression” (Meyer). Edward sees himself as someone who can hurt Bella because of who he is, and how he has lived his life for over a century as a vampire. Meyer has written an exceptional book, that anyone who has seen or read Twilight would be astonished by her latest work.

If you are looking for similar books to read here are some options; Twilight series, A Beautiful, Terrible Thing by Jen Waite, or Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance, adventure, and fantasy fiction. In my opinion, I would give it five out of five stars because it was interesting to see how Meyer explained Edward’s past, his extreme love for Bella, and how it manifested into his life. If you are interested in reading Midnight Sun you can find this book on Amazon as an Audible book, as a hardcover, paperback, or for a kindle for the highest price of $18.17.