How to Recharge During Spring Break


Written by Abigail Worker, Features Editor

The last past year has been tough, and adding school on top of it is even more stressful. Students have made it through a whole school year with only a few months left, and most students have no motivation left. Spring break is finally coming up and with an opportunity to reboot, and come back to the rest of the school year with a positive attitude. Ways to reboot could be taking time to meditate every five to ten minutes a day, taking advantage of the warm weather, sleeping in, even seeing friends is a great way to recharge. Another thing one can do is take time to come up with a list of goals for going into the next quarter. Writing out goals for the future is a great motivator and a way to be organized for after Spring break. During the new semester teachers began to expect more of their students by giving them challenging work, increasing the workload, or expected students to come in with previous knowledge without being taught. This can be stressful for students because at this point in the year all they are thinking about is spring break, and also Summer.

When school is stressful, students feel overwhelmed and exhausted because they have already been doing this for half of the year, and now they have to do more of it. A great advantage of spring break is the time to relax and reboot, or for most teenagers to sleep. According to John Hopkins Medicine, “a normal teenager should get up to eight to ten hours of sleep.” Spring break is a time for students to take advantage of this and recharge as well as commit to adjusting their sleep schedule. Another great thing one could do is have a day of a social media cleanse. Social media can be very exhausting being on it all the time, so take a day without any of it and see how much better your day feels without it. Something that is great to do to take your mind off of things is listening to music or reading a book other than binge watching your favorite shows all day. Kids are feeling more stressed these days, and the only way to help oneself is by using one’s time wisely. Choosing to use your time to take a minute and reflect or reboot is a great thing to do, and it is also a great thing to use in your future as well.


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