Fantastic Phantasm Meme Review


Written by Skylar Koch, A & E editor

Are you looking for something new to watch on YouTube? Getting tired of watching the same old videos on repeat? Looking for a new fandom to join? I’ve got just the thing for you! A YouTuber by the name of Meowstic Suki, who makes animations, made a video for the DreamSMP/MCYT fandom. MCYT stands for Minecraft YouTubers, and the DreamSMP is a big Minecraft server where these Minecraft YouTubers all play together and make content together. This video is called Fantastic Phantasm Animation Meme. With this video, she has shown a small part of a character from this fandom’s life.
Meowstic Suki started her channel on April 5, 2018, but didn’t post anything until about four months ago. Two months ago she posted an animation meme video titled Fantastic Phantasm, which has become increasingly popular, receiving more than 14K likes and 125,727 views! As for the main character being shown, his name is Karl and he is a time traveler. The problem is, the more he travels, the less he remembers. To put it simply, he is losing his memory. That is why in one of the scenes, you see his two closest friends named Sapnap and Quackity with their faces scribbled out in red with a question mark in the middle.
So at the start of the video, is the intro to the meme. This part was introducing the name of the meme. When Meowstic Suki did the intro, it was well done and planned out. Also the way she draws the characters, a lot of animators make the characters look realistic similar to real people, while Meowstic Suki keeps the cartoonist image, and that is what makes her animations so refreshing. You do see at one of the scenes, the character Karl is in white. That is because according to this fandom’s storyline, after he comes back from the past or future, he goes to this place called the In Between. The In Between is a giant white crystalline castle, and that is why Karl’s clothes turned white. Now, this has changed, seeing as this video was made two months ago, and times change.
All in all, this video was very well drawn and animated. If you look at the description beneath the video, Meowstic Suki said she did this at 5AM. Honestly it would be hard to tell that this video was made at 5AM. Well done Meowstic Suki!

Fantastic Phantasm Animation meme by Meowstic Suki