“This Whole Story is Completely True. Except For The Parts That Are Completely Made Up”


Written by Abigail Worker, A & E editor

Anna Delvey, or is it Anna Sorokin? Anna Delvey-Sorokin is a woman who conned her way through New York, cheating and stealing from anyone she could. Anna was not afraid of taking what she needed, and a little bit extra as well. Anna stole thousands of dollars from New York’s feared and powerful. She was a business woman, and a business woman knows how to run the world while wearing a pair of heels.

Anna Delvey-Sorokin knew everything about the powerful world. She knew which restaurants were the best, and which wine goes with those specific foods. She understood that clothing makes you powerful and to never underestimate the power of good hair. These things are important to be admired. Anna believed that proving that she was a business woman was important, and she was always able to prove how powerful she was in a Man’s World.

Anna can be mean and vindictive, and doesn’t care if she hurts your feelings. She understood how to be respected, and once you have that everyone loves you. Every single person who knew Anna was attracted to her personality, as well as her “money.” Anna was thought to be an ‘heiress’ to one of the richest man in Germany. No one questioned where the money came from because who would? She paid for everything; food, clothing, fashion shows, vacations. She paid for it all, and no one seemed to care because they never had to spend a dime.

Anna’s money troubles soon started to catch up with her to the point where she could not run anymore. On October 3rd, 2017 Anna was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department in a sting operation planned by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. This is when Anna’s story started to become of interest to people.

Jessica Pressler was a failing writer who was obsessed with Anna Delvey-Sorokin’s story. Somehow she made it to the top of the food chain, and no one seemed to care. Pressler believed that there was a story underneath the aspects of the trial. Pressler befriended Anna to learn the truth of her fraud crime, and turned Anna into a celebrity. Anna was soon a big sensation for conning her way through New York’s richness that it caused Shonda Rhimes to pick up Anna’s story, written by Jessica Pressler, and produced a limited time series edition of Anna’s story. The show, Inventing Anna, is loosely based on true facts, but also contains fictional aspects. Rhimes and Pressler wanted to keep the show as true as possible, with the fictional aspects of a television show. Everyone knows how much Rhimes likes to leave a crowd stunned. 

After the show was released, Anna soon became a celebrity and went onto shows like SNL after being let out of prison in 2021. Once her celebrity career began to diminish she was going to be deported back to her home country, Germany. Luckily, her attorney Manny Arora, found a way to block her deportation for the time being, and Anna is waiting at Orange County Correctional Facility in New York. Anna is now waiting in limbo for her paperwork to be declared eligible for her to stay in America.

Anna Delvey-Sorokin is an extraordinary woman who proved to humanity that women are powerful whether they come from nothing or everything. She also taught the world to fear women and the power they hold in the business world. She was just another trial case going through the system until Jessica Pressler made her into more. The show showed some of the many struggles women have in a work environment, and dealing with pressures women have in a man’s world. Even though Anna conned her way through men and business, the show still tried to express women’s everyday life of stress. Anna’s story is just one of many things in women’s history of being in a business world. Anna sparked a new revelation of women taking a stand for their careers as something more important than finding a man and settling down. The show grabs the aspect of Anna’s truth that women do not need a man to be successful. Anna continues to amaze people, and who knows, maybe her story isn’t over yet.