Ways to Give Back During the Holidays


Written by Gabrielle Brewer, Features Editor

Holidays have always been the time for spreading goodwill and cheer. Here are some ways that you can bring holiday cheer throughout your community.


One way to give back during the holidays is donating toys to Toys for Tots. The foundation accepts new, unwrapped toys that are 10 dollars or more, and they also take new books! You purchase the toys and then you drop them off in the special Toys for Tots drop boxes, which you can go onto their website and put in your state and zip code then they’ll show you all your local places to donate the toy to. Another way you can donate, thanks to today’s tech advancements, is online via the virtual toy box. This is where you choose a toy online, and then you can pay for the toy and the foundation gets it directly. 


Along with Toys For Tots, Share Fest Will County is a great organization that accepts donations such as books, clothing, electronics, household items, and toys. They also provide great opportunities for volunteering like packing and sorting foods along with other items to be distributed to people in need. They have a warehouse in New Lenox where they keep all the items and you can go on their website and sign up to volunteer whichever day you’re free. The slots do tend to fill up quickly depending on the day you’re planning on volunteering so make sure you schedule early. 


The Lockport Police Department also has their own non-profit charity called Lockport Love. Their mission is to help out Lockport residents in need and during the holiday season it can be especially hard for those people. You can donate money, basic necessities, Christmas gifts for children, clothes, help with vehicle and home repairs, and much more. You can volunteer for the charity, as they are always looking for help. You can sign up to volunteer on their website.


If you’re looking for a way to spread holiday cheer, try donating and volunteering for one of these places or another charity organization you find near you and give back to the community!