Celsius Class Action Lawsuit


Written by Abigail Worker, News Editor

The beloved drink, Celsius, has been scrutinized recently by society due to false advertising. The drink company settled a class-action lawsuit over the ingredients in the Celsius drink and powder. Celsius has promoted being free of preservatives, but it turns out that the drink contains citric acid. 

The company claims that the citric acid is used as flavoring and not as a preservative, but inevitably settled “to avoid the expense and risks of the lawsuit.” The judge did not rule in favor of Plaintiff or defendant, and instead both parties mutually settled.

The Celsius energizer drink became extremely popular over the last few years. It was originally a pre-workout and weight loss drink but its image has changed based on the recent consumers, caffeine-crazed kids. Celsius contains many wholesome ingredients, and tons of caffeine. Many high school students claim that Celsius is the only thing that allows them to get through the school day. Celsius has tons of flavors now, and multiple different kinds of powder choices. The brand has shifted their advertisement from being a sports drink to an energy drink.

Besides all of the love for Celsius, the company has had a rough year. At the end of January, the energy drink was forced to pay $82 million to Flo Rida due to a breach in contract for violating an endorsement deal between 2014 to 2018. Now the company is paying any customer that ever bought a celsius or a celsius mix between January 1st, 2015-November 23rd, 2022 due to their breach of contract with the citric acid preservative.

You can still receive money from the company. You’ll need proof of purchase, like a receipt, but if you cannot find a receipt you can still receive a $20 payment. There is more information at the class-action website https://www.celsiusclassactionsettlement.com/.