What’s Going on With Megan Fox and MGK?


Written by Georgia Dykstra , Features Editor

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are infamous for the taboo and mysterious nature of their relationship. From rumors of drinking each other’s blood to MGK buying Fox an engagement ring that would stab her with a thorn if she tried to take it off, some of the rumors are blown out of proportion, but there is no doubt that they have an unconventional relationship. 

No matter how strange their engagement may appear, it’s been clear to everyone that they love each other, and it seems that they’re one of those couples that are just meant to be together, if only because they are so strange. That is until Super Bowl weekend when Megan Fox followed Eminem, a rapper that MGK is notorious for having “beef” with, and then deleted all of her Instagram pictures. This, naturally, sparked unrest online, which saw its peak when Fox announced that they hadn’t broken up, but she was extremely upset with MGK. The ambiguity in her statement caused many conspiracies and theories surrounding MGK cheating with Sophie Lloyd, his guitarist, to arise.  

As much fun as these conspiracies may be for everyone (except the parties involved) though, they do not seem to be true. Both Megan and Sophie Lloyd have denied the rumors. 

So… what did he do then? Right now, nobody really knows except those involved; however, Megan has said that they “are working through their issues and haven’t split.”