The Pack, The Myth, The Legend


Written by Ava Lamb, Sports Editor

One team, one position, and one purpose: being a Green Bay Packer. The legendary quarterback, Super Bowl winning, future hall of famer, Aaron Rodgers, has not only owned the NFC north division but has captured  the MVP award four times in his illustrious 18 year career. He got to watch and learn from first ballot hall of famer, Brett Farve, for three years. A legendary quarterback that got to learn from the best. He was given the best opportunity coming straight out of Berkeley from California. Aaron has been alongside many amazing receivers, but the most prolific is Davante Adams. They created an insanely talented duo who completely and utterly destroyed offensive stats and opposing defenses. But today, the pack, myth, and legend has left Green Bay for what he believes is for the better. The New York Jets have made a trade with Green Bay for not only Aaron Rodgers, but a number 15 first round draft pick and a 2023 5th round pick. The deal has been looming for weeks but now it’s official. The “Blockbuster deal” has gone through and the legend as we’ve known it has walked away. But the biggest question here is: Can Rodgers find success in New York or will he always be remembered for owning the NFC North?