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Photo by Google DeepMind: https://www.pexels.com/photo/an-artist-s-illustration-of-artificial-intelligence-ai-this-image-depicts-the-process-used-by-text-to-image-diffusion-models-it-was-created-by-linus-zoll-as-part-of-the-visualising-ai-18069157/

AI – As Artificial as it’s Called

Written by Zoey Foss, Editorial Editor April 10, 2024

If AI is so controversial, why is it allowed to casually replace human jobs and hobbies? The war on AI morality continues to rage online, but in real life, most people are starting to use it without a...

NHS Sneaker Drive Drives Out the Need for Open-Surgery for Kids with Congenital Heart Disease

NHS Sneaker Drive Drives Out the Need for Open-Surgery for Kids with Congenital Heart Disease

Written by McKenna Orrico, Editor-in-chief April 9, 2024

When an LTHS student is inducted into the National Honor Society, a large part of their pledge is committing to help others through acts of service. To end their term, Community Service Coordinator Tory...


Were You Fooled?

Written by Ava Lamb, Sports Editor April 8, 2024

April 1st is a national day known for pranks, tricks, and tomfoolery… but how do companies gain attention to get people to buy their products on this day? They play pranks! They make funny and comical...

2024 Prom Dress Predictions

2024 Prom Dress Predictions

Written by Delaney Coleman, A & E editor April 4, 2024

Prom 2024… Will it be the best prom yet? The theme is Enchanted Forest, and a lot of people are really excited about it! As we get closer to the date, girls are starting to look for and buy dresses....

Caitlin Clark Carries Iowa to a win over LSU

Caitlin Clark Carries Iowa to a win over LSU

Written by Lyla Coleman, Sports Editor April 4, 2024

On April 1, 2024, The Iowa Hawkeyes won 94-87 over the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers in the Elite Eight of the Women's Division I NCAA Basketball Championship. Caitlin Clark, a senior at Iowa,...

Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Trend Predictions

Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Trend Predictions

Written by Jacob Hajnos, A & E editor March 20, 2023

As the temperatures become warmer and the last bits of snow melt away, many people begin to wonder what they’ll wear. Spring, the trickiest dressing season, transitioning from the harsh temperatures...

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