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Should We Stop Teaching Fairytales?

Written by Zoey Foss, A & E writer April 30, 2021

Parents have always worried about what they teach their children, and the stories they’re telling have sparked concern in recent years. Many parents are afraid that the gory Brothers Grimm stories are...

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Lie to Me by Kaitlin Ward Book Review

Written by Skylar Koch, A & E writer February 23, 2021

The book Lie To Me by Kaitlin Ward is a murder mystery story. The main character Amelia gets into what most people would call a freak accident, but as the story continues, it turns out to be attempted...

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Shadow and Bone Gets a Show on Netflix

Written by Zoey Foss, A & E writer January 1, 2021

Bestselling author Leigh Bardugo’s debut novel, Shadow and Bone, was a huge success. Her fictional world, nicknamed the Grishaverse, is one of the most popular YA series today. There are currently seven...