A synopsis on Obama’s presidency

Written by Emily London, Staff Writer

As Obama’s eight year reign as president comes to a close, it is only proper to respect and acknowledge some of his major accomplishments as President of the United States. Only starting as an ice-cream scooper at Baskin Robbins, Obama later became the first African American president in America. Helping people indulge in a cold dessert may be a good favor to many, but the things he did in office surpassed all other activities he did before.

Pollution and carbon dioxide is a growing problem, and has been for decades. In 2009, Obama recognized the dangers the Earth is facing with the excessive amount of pollutants penetrating our atmosphere. During his presidency, the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) concluded that carbon dioxide was a major and harmful pollutant, and the amounts released are starting to be regulated.

In 2010, an act referred to as the Affordable Care Act was signed. Five presidents before Obama had failed to create a health care that would care universally for citizens. The healthcare covered over 32 million Americans that were unable to provide their family with health care before.

In 2011, Obama passed a law for improved food safety. The FDA Act raised the Food and Drug Administration’s budget by a staggering 1.4 billion dollars. It also made the food inspection and recalls more strict on food companies. This law insured that the U.S. would focus more on the safety of what the citizens are consuming.

A long and strenuous war was put on the backs of many American soldiers and their families, but in 2011, Obama ordered that all military troops were to leave the country. This ended the war in Iraq.

There is a list of the reforms Obama provided for the American citizens, and the ones shared were only a fraction of them. As the long-going joke states, thanks Obama.