Laziness in the form of packets

Written by Stephanie Guzman, Editor-in-Chief

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Throughout the span of a student’s high school career, he or she encounters a diverse amount of teachers each year with their own teaching methods.

Each student has a preferred method of teaching: there’s a reason some teachers stand out as favorites among students. Growing up they tell you there are three types of learners: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic; however, in reality school doesn’t specialize for any learning that doesn’t involve a packet.

Packets upon packets for four years consisting of busy work that is not only unnecessary and tedious, but is unrealistically a good way to learn. Let’s all be honest here: no student in class gets excited to see a packet. Students want a teacher who encourages thought and ideas instead of handing out packets after packets.

As shocking as it is, kids want to learn. And yes, there are some that are lazy or disrespectful at times, but why does that give the teacher the right to follow suit? I believe that handing out a packet to students is not an ideal way to learn; it’s a way to drill facts and information. Some teachers are guilty of “lazy teaching.” Busy work doesn’t help students learn, and maybe if some teachers actually thought of a way to help students learn that doesn’t involve a packet of pointless questions, there would be better scores. You can’t blame low scores if you don’t put in enough effort to actually teach.

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Laziness in the form of packets