LTHS Youth Football Night

Written by Zach Vestal, Staff Writer and Photographer

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The night of September 8th was a big night for the Homer Stallions and Junior Porters. The Stallions created a tunnel for the Lockport Porter’s Varsity team to walk through at Lockport’s fourth Youth Night at 7:30 PM. During the Youth Night, the Stallions were able to tour LTHS’ sport facilities. The Stallions were also recognized at halftime of the Varsity game. The Stallions were also able to go to pre-game meetings and warm-ups.

“The Homer Stallions and Lockport Junior Porters love coming to LTHS to watch us play,” says Varsity Coach Daniel Starkey.

The Stallions were able to wear their jerseys and meet the coaches that night. The Stallion coaches also meet with the Porter coaches to discuss events and attend clinics. The Stallions also attend summer camps to get more experience and meet with the coaches.

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LTHS Youth Football Night