When is too old to go trick or treating?


Photographer: Sergio Chavez

Jessica Chavez and Grace Lee at last year’s Halloween when they dressed up as characters from Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead.

Written by Jessica Chavez, Editorial Editor

Trick or treating is the best time of the year for many kids. Eventually, we all grow up, but when do we ask ourselves if we are too old to trick or treat?

Some may argue that teenagers are more likely to be out partying or drinking during Halloween. Allowing teens to participate in trick or treating could benefit those who have children by making the streets safer and clear of drinking and driving.

Being a teenager is like being the middle child: we are too old to go out with our parents but too young to party all night. So the best idea would be to go out with some friends and get some candy. Then later on go home, sort out the candy, and watch some scary movies.

It’s a simple and fun way to spend the night. So if you’re worried about being too old, then stop. You’re only a kid once.

After high school is when we have to hang up our pumpkin pails, put our pillowcases back on our pillows, and start being an adult. Enjoy the last 4 years of your childhood and get some free candy!