Class of 2022 learns about extracurricular activities at annual “Step Up Night”

Written by Emily London, Features Editor

Lockport Township High School hosted its annual Step Up Night on November 16th at Central Campus. Step Up Night is an opportunity for incoming eighth graders to explore the opportunities lined up for them at LTHS. Incoming freshmen can get a glimpse of what clubs and sports are available to them. The event also gives students a first look of the high school they will be attending during their freshman year.

The incoming freshmen are the main focus of the event, but the people who run the event are just as important. Jacob Berka, the technical sergeant for ROTC, was in attendance for the event. Jakob explains how the traffic at his booth was great, and he hopes to see even more people visit his table as the night goes on. “Some have shown great interest and I’m excited to see what’s to come for them,” says Jacob about the incoming students.

One of the popular tables to visit was the choir program. Antonio Torres was one student representing choir at Step Up Night. Antonio explains how choir is a good option for freshmen since “choir brings people together.” Antonio chimes in about how many people visited the booth with interest whether they were already in choir or not.

Sergio, an incoming freshman, is excited to start his first year at LTHS after attending the event. “All the clubs sound fun and interesting. It is kind of hard to choose just a few,” says Sergio. He is also hopeful in joining the football team after visiting the football booth.

Sergio was also interested in some technology clubs and states, “I’m interested in joining robotics. I like working with technology, and I hope to learn something from it.” He also adds, “I am excited to make new friends, and eat better lunches!”

It can be hard for students to get involved in their first year of high school, but with LTHS hosting Step Up Night for incoming freshman, getting involved in clubs and sports has never been easier!