Prepping for upcoming TWIRP dance

Photographer: Gabby Bach

Photographer: Gabby Bach

Written by Gabby Bach, A&E Writer

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The blazing lights. The pounding music. The swell of bodies. The swish of dresses. All of these images can only mean one thing. Lockport Township High School’s annual TWIRP dance is fast approaching! Don’t miss out on a night of fun and excitement on Saturday, February 17 at 7:00 PM at East Campus’s Field House. Many of the students and staff have already started preparing for this magical night.

Marissa Bollnow, a junior at Lockport, is attending TWIRP for the first time. She says, “I’ve never been to TWIRP before, but I’m talking with the friends I know are going in order to make sure everything is perfect. I know if I am with them, I can have fun no matter what.”

Many students are exhibiting that same excitement, especially the freshmen that will be attending the dance for the first time. Many of the newcomers are looking forward to that same feeling of magic. Mickey Albrecht notes that he wants to experience TWIRP “how it normally is because as I’ve seen from homecoming the dances already seems very top notch. Everything I experienced that night was amazing!”

In order to ensure the success of TWIRP, many teachers who are volunteers are looking to provide safety to the students. Ms. Sarah Steinke, a Chemistry teacher and National Honor Society sponsor at LTHS, says that she “wants to make sure that students are following the school rules and aware that the rules are in place for the safety of the large number of students that are attending. We [the volunteer staff] look for students to make sure they are being respectful of each other and respectful of the staff members, and that they are using all the activities for entertainment provided in the appropriate manner.”

It looks like TWIRP is shaping up to be one exciting night. To stay up to date on all information regarding TWIRP, check the school website and listen to the daily announcements.

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Prepping for upcoming TWIRP dance