TWIRP dance takes LTHS by storm

Written by Gabby Bach, A & E Writer

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On February 17th the East Campus Field House was transformed into a Winter Wonderland for the annual TWIRP dance. For those that did not attend the event, there was much to behold. For starters, there were plenty of activities to engage attendees throughout the night. Life-sized games of chess, checkers, Jenga, and Connect Four filled a corner of the room for any students that wanted to rival it out old-fashion style. TWIRP also had it covered with a big screen where friends could go head to head in a game of Mario Kart.

Besides games, there were plenty of other visual stimuli to cater to teenagers. One of the more unique features of the event was an art wall where students could write on a blackboard with chalk. The display provided the perfect place for pictures that would undoubtedly be spread throughout social media. The art wall wasn’t the only place to take pictures, however. There were photo booths, press backgrounds, and photographers fluttering about, looking to snap a shot of the many that took advantage of the night.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a dance without music. The speakers at TWIRP were blaring with classic songs meant to remind the attendees of their days in middle school. The most iconic song of the night? “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, which could undoubtedly be boasted as the anthem of the Porters at the dance. The music was accompanied by glow sticks, confetti, flashing lights, and LED screens. For those that didn’t prefer the fanfare, TWIRP featured a “Silent Disco” area, where students could wear headphones to have their own personal listening experience.

With the many features meant to reach and entertain the masses at TWIRP, the night proved to be an unrivaled success. Despite the cold, wintery weather, the atmosphere at East’s Field House was surely heated.

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