Seniors win the annual powder puff homecoming games


Photographer: Emily Thompson

The senior players, winner of the games, and the boys poms team

Written by Eleni Stavropoulos, Staff Writer

The annual powder puff homecoming game, also known as the girls’ flag football, took place on September 18th at 6pm in East Campus’ football stadium.  Students try out at the beginning of the year to compete for their class during homecoming week. Throughout the game, the players were actively excited and encouraging towards their teammates. 

The freshmen vs. seniors game was a win for the seniors with the score 7-6. The junior team lost to the sophomore team with the score of 6-0. Then the sophomores lost against the freshmen with a score of 12-6. The championship game was a hard-earned win for the seniors against the sophomores with a final score of 2-0.

The seniors won their two points from a safety, a tackle that occured in the end zone by a sophomore in the last five minutes of the game. Many interceptions happened throughout the night from all teams which made for interesting games.  

The boys poms team was on the sidelines cheering their fellow students on. Their halftime performance had the crowd cheering for more. The boys’ performance included many backflips, stunts, and splits to well-known songs such as Formation by Beyonce and Truth Hurts by Lizzo. The team was led through their performance, and choreographed, by the girls poms team.

Photographer: Eleni Stavropoulos
Seniors vs. sophomores in the championship game.
Photographer: Eleni Stavropoulos
The boys poms team
Photographer: Eleni Stavropoulos
the boys poms team performing at half time
Photographer: Eleni Stavropoulos
The juniors in a huddle to encourage each other for their upcoming game.
Photographer: Eleni Stavropoulos
The freshman team cheering on their teammates from the sidelines.