A review on CW’s new show: Batwoman

Written by Daniel Cruz, Editor-in-Chief

*Spoiler Alert*

The CW Television station is known for having numerous superhero shows, but they have been receiving very critical reviews on their newest show, Batwoman. Batwoman tells the story of Kate Kane and her allegedly dead sister. 

The season begins with a very dark and dramatic entrance where the audience find out that the main villain, with an alias of Alice, is actually Kate’s sister Beth. Beth supposedly died years ago in a car accident, but a body was not found. Alice, the show’s villain, is a very deranged, maniacal murderer with pasty, white skin.

 While the show does play off of many stereotypical Batman elements – the darkness, the crazy villains, and the bat suit – the show is very unique. While many reviews disapprove of how they take Kate’s character, a strong independent woman, and contradict a typical feminist point of view of a strong female lead without any help, that is not true. 

Kate Kane is a strong woman who is trying to save her city while dealing with constant struggles. The CW has made a great show with a positive female lead and an interesting and intricate plotline.