Disney launches new app

Written by Kaia Hsu, Editorial Writer

Almost everyone as a kid watched cartoons and shows on TV. The most popular platform to watch favorite shows was Disney channel. Over the years, Disney tried to out-do themselves, and on November 12, Disney launched Disney+, a video on-demand streaming service that costs $7 each month to watch original Disney content movies and TV shows. 

Rumors went around stating that Disney might leave other streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. In February, the CNBC website wrote the article, “Disney expects to take a $150 million hit as it cuts ties with Netflix- and that’s OK”. In the article, Sarah Whitten stated, “Disney is going to lose $150 million in operating income as it makes the move to launch its own streaming service and ceases its licensing deals with Netflix” (Whitten). 

At first, the launch of Disney+ was rocky and unsuccessful. There were many complications. According to the  article titled, “Disney Plus launch glitches out with service failures, login problems”  from cnet.com, Disney+ users experienced many problems. The problems including trouble logging in, app crashes, and the inability to stream shows. Overall, Disney’s launch of the new app was successful because they were able to fix the mistakes and many users were able to begin streaming their favorite shows and movies. 

On Disney+ there are shows from the 1990’s and more recent movies from the 21st century. Some movies include the animated movies Hercules, Mulan, and Tarzan. The benefits of Disney+ are there are no commercials and users receive nostalgia from watching some of their childhood favorites.