The Rise of Breast Cancer Awareness


Image by plukdedag64 from Pixabay

Written by Emily Maier, News Editor

Throughout the month of October is known as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many people bring attention to this by wearing pink, donating to charities, and educating themselves about the disease. So many women from around the world have their own hopeful stories about their battle with cancer.

An example of an inspirational woman who went through the battle is Janelle Hail, the founder of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. At 34, with a husband and three kids, Hail discovered she had breast cancer. Thankfully, she got the information and resources to help with her diagnosis and treatment but it was only 1980, and other women from around the world didn’t have the same luck or resources. Once she was cured, Hail was inspired to spread the correct information to raise awareness for all women.

For eleven years, Hail dedicated her time to learn information about her disease and how to deliver it to other women. With the help of her family, she founded the National Breast Cancer Foundation in 1991. Hail surrounded herself with positivity and hope, and because of this, she was able to make a difference all over the country.

In your own life, you might have to go through rough times. Even though it might not be a life-threatening disease, it still can put a strain on your life. Whether it has to do with friends, family, or school, if you face your problems with eagerness and optimism, you can come out as a better person and exceed in life.