Trick or Treat


Image by hudsoncrafted from Pixabay

Written by Ayden Mercado, Editorial editor

Halloween, jump scares and spooky fun with delicious candy assortments. Groups of friends or  family go trick or treating collecting pounds and pounds of candy at each house, plotting which house would sell the large candy bars, which neighborhoods had the highest chances of selling the best full sized sweets. Some kids watch scary movies and indulge on candy or take instagram photos outside in their costumes.

Halloween takes place on October 31st, originating back to Samhain where it was tradition that during the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain,  people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Since then, it has been a common holiday throughout America.

But this year sadly, the corona virus has spread increasingly; this pandemic has put the world at a halt. Wistfully, a lot had to change to ensure our safety. We can still have fun!

The CDC (Center for Disease control and prevention) asks us to wear a mask throughout our day, wash our hands before holding treats to give away, set up stations with treat baggies, avoid contact with trick or treaters, and give out your treats outdoors, if possible. While walking, the CDC asks us to stay 6 feet away from others you do not live with, and wash your hands with hand sanitizer frequently. These safety precautions will help make sure you don’t contract the disease, but still have fun on this sweet beloved holiday, Halloween.