A Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift


Written by Emily Maier, Features Editor

You could always go to the store to get Valentine’s day gifts, or you could make one yourself. However, it seems homemade gifts are always more personal and memorable than store-bought ones.
Puzzle pieces
Red, pink, white, and black paint
Paint brushes
Cardboard cut-out of a heart
Hot glue
A strip of paper
The first step is to paint half of your puzzle pieces pink and the other half red. You will have to do multiple coats.
Once it is fully dried, you can add black and white dots to the puzzle pieces. While your puzzle pieces are drying, paint the cardboard heart black.
Now that you are done with all of the painting, write a sweet message on the piece of paper and hot glue it to the center of the heart.
The next step is to arrange the puzzle pieces to the heart and glue it in place.
Lastly, tape the string in a loop to the top of the heart so you can hang it somewhere.

I hope you consider this craft because it is easy to make, and it will warm anyone’s heart who receives it.