Volunteering Can Change Teen’s Mindset


Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Written by Kaia Hsu, Editorial editor

A high school’s responsibility is to prepare teenagers for life after school, and while attending, teens are taught how to function in society, and one of the ways they do that is by requiring them to volunteer. Many high schools require their students to complete a certain number of volunteer hours in order to graduate, but many think this requirement does not hold any importance in the real world. However, they are mistaken because volunteering can improve a students’ mental well-being.

A reason volunteering is good for teens’ health is because it enables them to function in society since it is a highly social atmosphere. Whether it comes to meeting new people in a casual setting or interviewing for a job, people need to know how to communicate with others and behave appropriately. Volunteering is a way of achieving those means. When students volunteer they not only learn how to get involved in their community, but they also learn vital communication skills. While volunteering, students are able to exercise their social skills by speaking to superiors and other volunteers. Many students will learn how to converse with others in a professional manner, and they may even network with those around them for future reference.

Another reason volunteering is helpful for teens is because it improves the mind. According to the website helpguide.org, volunteering combats depression and the ramifications of stress, anger, and anxiety. Overall, volunteering can make people happier. The article states, “By measuring hormones and brain activity, researchers have discovered that being helpful to others delivers immense pleasure” (helpguide.org). High school students often undergo a large amount of stress from school or from outside factors, but with the help of volunteering, students can manage their stress or even prevent it.

In conclusion, although volunteer hours required by high schools seem like a hassle. It provides students with abilities that aid them in the future, such as managing stress, communicating with others, and implementing healthy work relationships. To high school students, it seems like volunteering is unnecessary, but if they were to look back on their time volunteering, they would see what a big impact it made on them.

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