How to Draw Kawaii Art


Written by Skylar Koch, A & E writer

Kawaii art is possibly the simplest form of art. Kawaii means ‘cute’ in Japanese, and this art lives up to its name. You can make anything into a piece of kawaii art. A heart, flower, pizza, animal, any object laying around, even a cute little monster friend. You can also make a person kawaii, but then it’s called Anime.
Let’s start with the simplest thing to make into an adorable form of kawaii: A heart! Below are the materials needed.

Materials Needed:
1 blank piece of paper or sketchbook.
1 pencil (any pencil will do).
1 eraser.
1 black marker for the eyes, mouth and outline (you can also use a darker shade of the color being used in your drawing for outlining).
Depending on what color you want your heart to be, you need 1 marker of that color (colored pencils work too).
1 pen to sign your artwork. (Be proud of your artwork! Sign it so people know you drew it!)

1. Take your paper or sketchbook, and using your pencil, draw the shape of the heart.
2. Next, add eyes and a mouth inside the heart.
3. Now using your black marker, outline the eyes and mouth, and color in the eyes.
4. Now still using your black marker, or the darker shade of what will be your heart’s coloration, outline the heart.
5. Color in your heart.
6. Now sign your art. Be proud of what you did! Take a picture and send it to your friends. Don’t be ashamed of what an adorable masterpiece you have made.

Congratulations! You have now become a master at simple kawaii art! Keep practicing, and soon you will work your way up to drawing people/characters. If you wish to draw more kawaii art, you can go to any store that sells art supplies and coloring books, and get your own How to Draw Kawaii books and coloring books. Have fun!