Tokyo Olympics Rescheduled for 2021


Photo by Anthony from Pexels

Written by Zoey Foss, A & E writer

Last summer, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics were pushed back due to the rise of the pandemic. Health officials worried that the crowds would make the event a super spreader, as they had no way to contain the rate of infection. Now, a year later, the Olympics are back on for July 23, 2021.

Although the pandemic is not yet over, vaccines have been distributed to millions of people, and it’s much safer now than it was back then. Japan has received the go-ahead to host the games, so long as there are safety precautions in place. Many still argue that these precautions will not be enough, but Japan has the stadium set up and is unwilling to let the money go to waste. The winter Beijing Olympics will be taking place in 2022 and the summer Paris Olympics in 2024, leaving no other time slot for the games that were originally scheduled for 2020.

To put fans’ minds at ease, organizers have promised to enforce mask wearing and ensure that travelers test negative twice. Oversea visitors besides those involved in the games will not be allowed to attend in order to minimize potential cases. However, vaccinations are not a requirement for athletes or guests. Even with masks and social distancing, it will not be possible to guarantee that no one will become infected.

There is much speculation about how these rules will be enforced. Is there a strict consequence for failing to follow guidelines? What will happen if an athlete shows symptoms? Will these Olympics have any resemblance to past games, or will it be something new entirely? A lot can happen in a couple months. Organizers have refrained from creating any new rules, waiting to see what will be necessary at the time of the games. 



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