Benefits of Painting


Written by Mara Kubis, A & E writer

Painting can be quick and easy or it can be very tedious and take days at a time, but you don’t need any artistic skills to paint. A painting can be anything, a blank canvas with a single stripe of paint down the middle, or a detailed landscape. Here are some of the great benefits of painting:


  • Painting is a calm, relaxing and stress free activity
  • There is no age limit to painting, anyone can do it
  • It doesn’t require any physical demands
  • There are no rules to painting, it can be done however you want
  • Everyone has their own unique way to making art
  • There are plenty of tutorials out there that you can use to learn
  • Painting is a fun and creative hobby
  • A painting can be absolutely anything, from a pretty landscape to an abstract canvas of scribbles
  • There is an endless amount of tangible things you can paint on, ranging from rocks to your little brothers face
  • Painting never has to be limited to a canvas, test out your creativity
  • Inspiration is found around every corner
  • There is no due date for your art


Painting, drawing and other forms of creativity can be used as stress relievers for most people who try them. Painting is an emotional release that people with high-anxiety use to allow their mind to rest. Painting something that you are proud of can stimulate an optimistic attitude. It can create a relaxing, and open environment where artists can feel safe to explore their own mind and creativity. Painting sharpens your mind through conceptual visualization and it can increase memory skills. It helps build strong mental health and it makes a great hobby!