Devastations Of Monsoon Rains In Pakistan


Written by Abigail Worker, News Editor


Currently in Pakistan, over one-third of the country is underwater. Due to the major increase in climate weather which is causing a deterioration in Pakistan’s climate-about 33 million people, including close to 16 million children, have been affected by this year’s heavy monsoon rains, landslides, and major flash flooding. Nearly 1,545 people have been killed since mid-June, including at least 552 children. Towns nearly half underwater, homes destroyed, and people left to wade in the chest deep water to move from place to place leaving them vulnerable to waterborne diseases, malnutrition, and protection risks.


Over June-August 2022, Pakistan received more than 190% of rain, which is more than Pakistan’s 30 year average of rain. Before this disaster, there was a major heat wave that drained the country in May and June. With the heat wave Pakistan’s glaciers are melting rapidly like in regions Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. With the excessive melting the water is turning into lakes and additional water that is filling the floods more which is ten times faster than the average rate in previous countries. Pakistan generates less than 1% of the world’s carbon emissions, and yet has to deal with other countries’ effects from climate change. Other countries’ large carbon footprint has affected Pakistan more greatly as well as other countries that are closer to the equator. Countries like the U.S, Australia, China, Russia, Japan are some of the biggest countries causing such a large carbon footprint. 


According to ReliefWeb around 150 bridges, 2,200 miles of road, over 700,000 livestock and close to 2 million acres of crops and orchards were destroyed by the monsoon rains and flooding. Large amounts of schools, homes, and medical facilities have been lost from the flooding leaving children most affected by this. Many children, especially in poorer communities, have a greater chance to get sick from the diseases of the water. Over 10 million children are left to suffer with no help. Multiple countries are donating clean drinkable water, food, supplies, clothing and many more things to support the people of Pakistan. If you also wish to help, please donate at The Edhi Foundation, Humanity & Inclusion, The Citizens Foundation-Pakistan, or The Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan. Links are at the bottom of this article.


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