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Why are YOU Spending so Much Money on Gas?

Why are YOU Spending so Much Money on Gas?

Written by Emma Kocanda, News Editor April 21, 2022

Through this time of economic crisis, people globally have seen prices skyrocket in areas such as food, vehicles, and most recently gas with an increase of 14.5%. Due to this major jump, many people are...

Dolphin photographed in an aquarium from an underwater window.

Beloved Dolphin Dies Young in Aquarium

Written by Maja Larsen, News Writer December 13, 2021

The beloved star of the Dolphin Tale movies, Winter sadly passed away the evening of November 11th. Many were inspired by her story, which is clear when reading some of the memories posted by fans on social...

Image by Sabine Fischer from Pixabay

The Blockage of the Suez Canal has put a Halt in Maritime Commerce

Written by Annie Coniglio, News Editor, Editor-in-chief April 13, 2021

The Suez Canal is a 120 mile sea-level waterway that connects the Mediterranean and Red Seas which separates Africa and Asia. It is one of the most populated shipping canals in the world and it also provides...