The Neighbourhood: Where Are They Now?


Written by Meda Bliudziute, A & E editor

The Neighbourhood has become a very popular band ever since their songs “Sweater Weather” and “Daddy Issues” went viral on TikTok in November of 2020. “Sweater Weather” reached 1 billion streams on Spotify by July 2021, while “Daddy Issues” reached 500 million at around the same time. But after they released their single, “Fallen Star” on October 1, 2021, the band stopped releasing music. 

Then, the unexpected happened. The Neighbourhood announced their hiatus on February 22, 2022 on an Instagram post on their story. The post mentioned that the band will not be able to perform their expected European tour in 2022. Some of the instagram post read, “…but for our own health and well-being we’re going to take some time for ourselves in the coming months.” Two members of the band had just gone through breakups, so this was likely a reason for their sudden hiatus.

Many fans were devastated after this announcement, some even assuming that the band would break up. The hiatus was pretty unexpected, mostly because their songs were very popular at the time, so their next single would definitely do well.

So you may be wondering… where is the band now?

Well, Zach Abels is one of The Neighbourhood’s guitarists. In October of 2022, his mother commented on a fanpage’s instagram post, the comment reading, “Don’t worry they will be back! They are in the studio as we speak. Look for a new song coming out in December!” The comment got over 700 likes and 60 replies, along with excited fans posting about it everywhere and waiting for the new song. 

But then, a month later on November 14 of 2022, The Neighbourhood’s drummer, Brandon Fried, was kicked out of the band because Maria Zardoya, lead singer of the band The Maria’s, made an Instagram post on her story accusing him of sexual harassment. Shortly after The Neighbourhood found out about this, they also made an Instagram post on their story, saying that as a result of his actions, he will no longer be a part of The Neighbourhood. 

This was very upsetting and shocking news for fans, especially since this would mean that production on the song that was likely going to be released in December would be delayed.

As of January 2023, there has been no recent news on The Neighbourhood or their song that was supposed to come out in December, so all fans can do for now is hope for the best and that The Neighbourhood follows through with their song.