Emergency Plane Landing On I-355


Written by Abigail Worker, News Editor

A small plane made a safe, emergency landing on hectic I-355 in Bolingbrook on Tuesday the 10th. At about 2pm on that Tuesday, a Bolingbrook fire unit was sent to I-355 close to Boughton Road for a plane on the highway, according to Bolingbrook Chief Chris Brophy. 

The crew arrived about five minutes later to already see the plane make the emergency landing, Brophy said.

The aircraft was only a few miles from its destination until it began to have malfunctions. According to the pilot, somehow the power went out – which led the pilot to radio for help. Also, forcing the pilot to make the emergency landing on I-355. 

The pilot was uninjured and the plane did not hit any vehicles or objects, according to Illinois State Police.

Tuesday evening, the aircraft was towed away for an inspection. The aircraft is registered to a man in Denver, Colorado. Unclear at the time if the pilot was the owner of the aircraft. 

The FAA will be looking into the incident.